Amsterdam – The Night

When the last of the light finally diminishes the city comes to life. There’s noise, action and the fast pace seen earlier in the day returns.  Except In a more intense manner as tourist spots and central squares filled with coffee shops, bars and restaurants become lined with punters ready for a night around ‘dam. This is part three of three of the Amsterdam Series: The Night.

Neon glows and a steady traffic of people flow through the streets of De Wallen or the more commonly known – Red Light District. Just outside of the streets where deals are made and pleasure is sold; fast food retailers capitalise on the rather hungry tourists.  Their neon signs glow and shimmer, attracting customers in with their warmth and products.  It seems there is little difference between these windows and the ones seen down the streets of De Wallen.

Away from the tourist traps the night feels rather different.  Peaceful and quiet. The artificial light makes for interesting photographic opportunities and it is here I feel much more comfortable with the quiet streets and Christmas lights that are a sad reminder of the joyful season that has passed.

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